Every organization already has a digital workplace . Maybe not the way you would like it or the way employees need it. But the set of systems and applications you now have together form your digital work environment. In order to continuously improve this digital working environment, you can use Maldives Email Lists main concepts. And there are also roughly three flavors for technical solutions. In this article we argue why you have more freedom of choice than just Microsoft 365, a standard social intranet or a custom solution.

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Freedom to choose for more control over your digital employee experience (#DEX). For a solution direction that better suits the hybrid organizations of the future. Flexible organizations and standard tools ”Our organization is always in beta”, we heard one of our relations say in recent months. ”We are Maldives Email Lists flat and agile, so that we can easily and quickly adapt to new circumstances.” This relationship was not the only one who looked at organizing in this way. Rightly so, because flexibility has been necessary in recent years, also in the context of digital transformation.

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Especially from communication and ICT professionals. Parallel to organizational flexibilisation. We have also seen a move towards more ‘standard, unless’ in the field of technology in recent years. Microsoft 365 naturally plays a major role in this when it comes to digital collaboration. This Maldives Email Lists is logical – the days of designing and developing systems in-house are largely behind us because we have learned from ICT blunders, haven’t we?

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