You will feel happier because you know deep down that you have done a good and right thing. So your self-esteem will also go up. You tend to get what you give in life. In the long run – over the weeks, months and years – you will usually be treated like others by others. Plus – and this is something I didn’t understand for a long time – you also tend to treat and think about yourself the same way you treat others. So how do you cheer up someone who is going through a tough time and make their life happier today?

Do an activity together that gets them a new emotion.

Let me share 47 tips and things you can do. Try one of these today and see how it affects someone in your life (and then your own and your own well-being). 1. Give sincere compliments. Think about it and give someone in your life a sincere compliment today. If the compliment is about something cell phone directory italy deep inside that person, or something they’re trying to improve their life, it can mean a lot. It’s a great way to get someone through the day (and sometimes the week). 2. Keep the door open.

How to cheer someone up: 47 powerful tips
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Temporarily take your attention away from the problem.

It takes very little effort, but can put a smile on someone’s face and bring spring in their footsteps. 3. Let someone into your driveway. When you are driving, let others into your driveway. It can quickly reduce frustration and some stress in his or her life. 4. Share some of your homemade cookies. Or the delicious jerky, bread or ice cream you made earlier today. Just a small gift to show your appreciation for them. 5. Give up your hobbies. For example, a painting, a bracelet, or a piece of clothing you made.

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