I want to share 12 steps, tips, and habits I’ve learned over the years that can help me deal with disappointment and reduce the number of times I’ve been disappointed in the first place. 1. First, accept your feelings. Disappointment is painful. It’s ok. Don’t try to push it away. Don’t try to hide it under a big smile. I find it best not to get carried away by this tempting urge. Rather accept my feelings. Let it all come in and hurt for a while. Because if I did it then it would be faster and in the long run it would be less painful to deal with what happened.

So how can you improve your self-esteem?

On the other hand, if I reject my true feelings, those emotions may come later and at unexpected times. Make me moody, pessimistic, or passive aggressive. 2. Remember, you don’t disappoint. Just because you may have been disappointed, frustrated, or made buy ceo email lists a mistake and let others down, doesn’t mean you’re a disappointment or a failure. And the situation you’re in right now won’t last forever. Even today it might feel that way. the fact is: Just because you’re disappointed today or you’ve let someone down.

Some of the most useful tips and habits I’ve found are:

Doesn’t mean you’re going to be or do it tomorrow or next time. This will not label you disappointment (unless you choose to label yourself that). If you keep going and keep taking action, you’ll keep going and you’ll improve. 3. Learn from it. Rather than get lost in the pain and negativity that disappointment can bring, choose to see it more as something valuable to learn from (and something that can help you grow). You can do this by asking yourself better questions. Questions like this: What can I learn from this?

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