Nowadays, many of the businesses that fail are due to the fact that they do not know how to take advantage of social networks correctly to promote their products and services with a target audience. Instagram is one of those social networks, with more than 400 million users worldwide constantly creating content and following interests, it is a great opportunity for businesses and companies, as well as public figures to make themselves known and grow in a potential way. But how to grow on Instagram? How to reach more audiences with the right communication? Well here I share some tips so you can grow on Instagram. Get New Clients with Instagram Get new customers with Instagram Using the hashtags Hashtags are the best way to attract new followers, as they help users to identify the topics they like. Some recommendations to use them correctly are: Instagram allows you to put a maximum of 30 hashtags,


But it is recommended to have between

5 and 15. The hashtags Qatar Phone Number you choose should be popular with your target audience. They must be closely related to the theme of the video or image you post. Do not use the hashtags in the description, but use them as a separate comment. Likes and Comments A very interesting way to attract more followers to your Instagram account is to interact with likes and/or comments on other users’ accounts in order to capture their attention. To make it easier you can do the following: In the search engine enter the most popular hashtags related to the theme of your products or services. Like the most popular accounts and thus get to know your potential market better. Repeat the previous two steps. It is worth mentioning that, according. To some authors, 97% of interactions are through. Likes and only 3% are through comments. So it is very good for your account that you invite. Action with a comment on your posts. Or equally your. Comment on those accounts that. Are of interest to you. Instagram stories companies that. Tell their stories through posts usually. Create a larger audience , for this. Just one video or image is not enough.

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It is recommended to have at least 3 stories

per day to keep your audience active. Instagram Stories allow us to achieve content to provide the public with a more personal experience. the followers Something very commonly used on Instagram is to follow those you want to follow you. This strategy is very effective with users who follow topics related to your company and/or business. To find them is very simple: Find people who follow or use hashtags related to your business. You can make a list with your main competitors and follow their followers. Now, it is important that you analyze Instagram’s anti-spam policies well so that you avoid punishments or sanctions on your account. Recommendations to Improve Your Instagram

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