That means they don’t let work take over their lives; nor do they let their relationships take precedence over their personal agendas. I used to be so focused on work that I didn’t value my social life and personal leisure. While work is fun because my work (helping others grow) is my passion, after a while I become very uninspired because I ignore other areas of my life.

12 Tips That Work

That’s when I realized how important a well-rounded life is to my emotional health. So today, I make sure I spend my time in the core areas Medical Surgical Dental Equipments Email List of my life: career, love, family, friends, self (through entertainment) and contribution. My Wheel of Life video shares the 11 core areas that make up our lives (collectively known as the “Wheel of Life”) and how to start achieving 10/10 in all of them.

I see it in the newspaper every month.

4. Address your concerns immediately; don’t let them linger Highly motivated people deal with their problems immediately instead of ignoring them. One of the things I’ve been teaching in my blog and in my instructables is not to ignore your problems. Just because ignoring your problems doesn’t mean they’ll go away. A lot of times, even if you don’t realize it, they linger subconsciously and overwhelm you.

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