This is one of the most important things in this article. Perhaps the most important one. Because if you’re overstretched, tense, and feeling stiff, then in my experience, you’re more likely to fall into awkward silence and have a hard time having good ideas about what to say next. But on the other hand, if you get into the right frame of mind before the conversation begins, words, thoughts, and questions will flow more naturally from your head and mouth. Here’s a three-step process I’ve used many times over the past decade to get into the right headroom: Step 1: Slow down.

Start small.

When you’re heading to a meeting or a conversation, slow down. Go slow. Move slowly. Then stop. Step 2: Breathe. Stand still or sit for a minute or two. And focus completely on your breath. no others. Breathe deeply through your nostrils simple tips and abdomen. Concentrate find address by phone number in sri lanka only on slow inhalation and exhalation for 1-2 minutes. This will calm your mind and body and make it easier to think clearly and normally again. Another great benefit of focusing on your breath is that it brings you back to the moment again.

How to keep the conversation going: 8 simple tips
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Practice, practice, practice.

When you’re about to enter meetings and conversations, don’t let you get caught up in past mistakes or worries about the future. Step 3: Assume rapport. This is probably my favorite habit to reduce the tension that used to hold me socially. So what is a hypothetical rapport? Well, just before you meet someone, you pretend and think you’re meeting one of your best friends. Doing this — especially after you’ve relaxed through steps 1 and 2 — will put you in a more comfortable, confident, and happy state of mind.

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