It is the latest evolution of Google Analytics after Universal Analytics (UA) which has been used commonly. Google Analytics changes various features of its property by GA4. bugherd-campaign-dan-2022 In this article, we will reveal: What is GA4? Differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics When should you upgrade to GA4? How to upgrade to Google Analytics 4? What is GA4? Google announced that they would retire Universal Analytics, and the only performing property on the platform will be Google Analytics 4. As a result, UA will stop collecting and processing data on 1st July 2023, but you will be able to reach your historical data for a time after that date. But from that date, your new data will be collected in GA4 properties.


The most outstanding feature of the GA4


Upgrade is that it combines data from mobile app and website into a single Google Analytics property. Google Analytics changes its focus on customer privacy with GA4. It centers Vietnam Phone Number  upon the current privacy law such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Moreover, the GA4 upgrade allows you to track traffic with high priority to privacy. It also is an upgrade from session-based data of UA to event-based data of GA4. channable-in-page-campaign-social-commerce-2022 Another critical point.


It enables you to have accurate predictive

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Analysis with the machine learning capabilities of Google. For example, through machine learning, you can fill out data about your website or app traffic and comprehend user behavior more accurately. It tracks visitors’ behaviors from the first visit to the last click. These all make it available to trace user journeys more effectively and widely. That’s what Google Analytics 4 intends to provide. Differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics The differences between GA4 and UA resulted from the technological evolvements that are increasing daily. Using mobile apps has improved machine learning.

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