Then this is the perfect time to start something new. It is Slovakia Email List that you are sure that other headless solutions can offer you the same functionality. That is certainly not always the case. Why you’d rather not say goodbye to an old site too soon That functionality is a serious reason for many Slovakia Email List to stick with their existing WordPress site for a while. WordPress has become so popular partly because you could customize a ready-made website with self-built functionality. That’s what happened. Many WordPress Slovakia Email List have been so expanded and developed over the years that they have now become complete custom solutions.

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Such complex functionality cannot simply be Slovakia Email List to a new headless CMS. In such a case, it might be better to take advantage of the headless capabilities that your existing system already offers you. It is also possible that you are simply satisfied with your existing website. A smoothly Slovakia Email List system, in which your customers and employees can find their way, is very valuable. You don’t want to change that unnecessarily. While the headless system gives you a lot of flexibility, it also adds complexity. A headless approach is therefore certainly not the solution for everyone. But for those who think a switch is worth considering, it’s good to Slovakia Email List that an existing WordPress site also offers more than enough options.

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I’m curious, are you tackling yet? All great Slovakia Email List starts with a documented content strategy. Yet all too often companies skip the planning stages and start creating content right away. This may produce a meager effect, but it often leads to content that lacks focus, consistency and coherence. If you’ve ever wondered how to create a content strategy for your business and what elements go into it, I’d love to Slovakia Email List you out. Why is B2B content strategy so important? A good reason to create a content strategy is to make sure your targeting is accurate. This brings up an important difference between B2B and B2C marketing. B2C is Slovakia Email List relatively simple from a targeting perspective. Customer focused content speaks directly to the decision maker. So your main strategy is to hold their attention long enough. With B2B this is more complicated. There are

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