If possible, delegate and let someone else complete the task or project. 13. Eliminate. Do you even have to do everything according to your schedule? What things can you stop doing completely with no or very little consequence? Maybe your heart isn’t what it used to be? Can you say no to one or more of these things in order to have more time and energy for the important things in your professional and personal life?

Create an area with few distractions for your work time.

Reassess what you normally do in a day or week to see if there is anything you want to stop doing. 14. Be 10 minutes early. This one turned my trip from Betting Email List a stressful situation to a relaxing time of the day. 15. Ask yourself questions every day to stay on track. A great way to find clarity, stop being lazy, and actually do the important things every day is to ask yourself questions on a regular basis.

Keep a very simple workspace.

Questions like: What is the most important thing I can do right now? And: Will doing this get me closer to my goal? If you like, you can write one of these questions on a post-it note and put it somewhere you can see it every day. Otherwise it’s easy to forget to ask yourself this question. 16. Make your lunch a slow time to relax. Don’t gobble up your lunch in 7 minutes. This will only increase the stress you bring from the first few hours of work. Instead, make your lunch a relaxing time.

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