Or maybe you feel like you really have to focus all your attention on your main project right now. Telling people how you feel is not only to give them a better understanding of how you feel about the problem, but it is also harder to argue with your feelings than your thoughts. 4. If possible, help a little. Leave the conversation on a positive note and see if you can help. Recommend someone you think is a better fit, who may be able to help better than you.

Simply realize that you cannot please some people.

I often do this when a reader or someone in my life needs help that I can’t provide or knowledge that I lack. 5. If you feel a little guilty, that’s okay. But just because you said no to feeling a little guilty doesn’t mean you have to act on the emotion. Just be with it. When german phone number you take that emotion and let it simply be there, after a while it starts to lose momentum and become smaller and smaller. So you can move on. 6. Simply realize that you cannot please some people. The truth is, for some people, you just can’t win.

If you feel a little guilty, that’s okay.

They won’t be happy. whatever you do. Because this person has nothing to do with you. It’s about him or her. It’s about his unhappy marriage or being weighed down by money worries. Or she has a sick pet and is tired of her job, or she doesn’t have great chemistry with you. Realizing this, whether you say yes every time or not, that you can’t get everyone to like you can help you stop the habit of pleasing others. And start paying more attention to the things in your heart that you want to say yes or no to.

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