In 2019, wafa douzi et al. (ref. 1) used the research method of systematic review. To summarize the research results of 45 literatures. (36 of which discussed Paraguay Phone Number aerobic exercise and 9 of which discussed anaerobic exercise). And further used gastin the study by et al. Used exercise duration (75 seconds) as a boundary to distinguish exercise types as “aerobic” or “anaerobic”. In addition. This study also pointed out that. The average exercise time for aerobic exercise. Was 45 ± 25.3 minutes, and that for anaerobic exercise was 21.3 ± 21.6 seconds. In terms of exercise intensity, aerobic exercise was 62.8±4.4% of maximal oxygen uptake (vo 2 max) and anaerobic exercise was 86.7±17.8% 1rm.

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The author also mentioned that if the exercise duration is too short, you may not see significant benefits. This is also similar to the previous study (ref. 1). Found that cooling measures are less effective for anaerobic exercise. In addition, according to this study. One of the reasons why cooling measures cannot affect athletes. Sports performance. Scholars believe that the degree of fatigue caused by long-term exercise is too high, and it is impossible to adjust the performance of athletes by cooling.

The study by

Desai et al. (ref. 4) is probably the closest to realistic conditions. They found 8 national-level men’s billiard players, and divided them into two groups by designing a testing process (simulating the situation of the game), one group used the back of the neck to cool down, and the other group did not, to compare the two differences.the general process of the test is to perform three sets of forehand, backhand and alternate hitting tests after warming up, and ice compresses are applied between each set of tests and after warming up. The test method is to ask players to hit the ball into the designated area (1, 2 in the figure below) from a random position, and calculate the score. In addition to this, other data are also. Monitored, including: skin temperature.


According to the current research

“back of neck ice” is feasible in practical application, and it also has a certain degree of effect. However, it should be noted that the sample sizes of these studies are not very large, and there is not much literature that actually corresponds to real sports situations.but the fun of competitive sports is here. At present, there is no evidence that ice packs on the back of the neck will cause the performance of players to decline. So even if there is no difference in the research results, i think everyone will try to implement them. Anyway there is an effect. You will earn . There is no effect nor much loss.

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