So while exercising helps me build a stronger body, my main motivation to keep exercising is for the wonderful and predictable psychological benefits. 7. Expose your troubles to the sun. This is one of my favorites. Because it tends to work just fine. By letting your “big” worry come to light and talking about it with those close to you, it becomes easier to learn the truth about a situation or problem. Just venting for a few minutes can make a big difference, and after a while, you may start to wonder what you were worried about in the first place.

Say stop when you know you can’t think properly.

Sometimes when you’re dealing with the situation out loud yourself, others may just need to listen. At other times, it can be very helpful to have someone else provide you with a foundation and help you find a more practical and useful perspective on Hotmail Email List the situation at hand. If you don’t have anyone right now to talk about a worry that comes to your mind, vent it out by writing it down. Just taking it out of your head and reasoning with yourself on paper or in a journal on your computer – or even your own blog.

Don’t try to guess what someone is thinking.

Just for your eyes or anonymously – can help you calm down Come down and find a clear idea. 8. Spend more time in the present moment. When you spend too much time reliving the past in your mind, it’s easy to start worrying about the future. It’s also easy to get overwhelmed by disaster scenarios when you spend too much time in the future. So, focus on spending more time and attention in the present moment. My two favorite ways to reconnect with what’s going on right now: slow down.

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