This is useful information to include on your online Algeria Phone Number List profile. Google has added a “temporarily closed” feature to Google My Business (GMB). Temporarily closing will not affect your ranking and will be treated the same as an open business. So do not choose ‘permanently closed’ if this is not the case. Slightly less relevant for Dutch companies, but in addition to Algeria Phone Number List GMB. Bing and Yelp also introduced the ‘temporarily closed’ label. 2. Update Company and Contact Information Normally, Google is pretty strict when it comes to business names in GMB, but the company now allows restaurants to edit their business name to indicate whether they also have takeout and delivery.

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If your current name is now ‘Joe’s Burgers’, you may Algeria Phone Number List temporarily change your name to ‘Joe’s Burgers – delivery only’. Since a lot of us are changing work environments and now working from home: Make sure all the ways customers can contact you are correct. If you forward telephones: also test whether this really works. Update your voicemail to notify changes. Do you Algeria Phone Number List switch to your mobile number or do you want customers to be able to reach you at home? Make sure you have the correct number in all your business listings. 3. COVID-19 posts Google is currently prioritizing health-related activities and will not be posting new reviews, review replies, or new questions and answers until further notice.

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However, they have created a special COVID-19 post that you Algeria Phone Number List can see in your GMB dashboard. Try to include as much information as possible about Algeria Phone Number List the changed status of your company in your messages. COVID-19 update Google My Business. I cannot emphasize it enough: provide as much relevant information as possible and be transparent. Keep updating your contact details and opening times and don’t forget to change your services as well. For example if your menu changes or if you choose to expand your services by, for example, starting to deliver.

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