In this phase you mainly look at the context, the Rwanda Email List . It consists of three parts: The origin or forerunners of the design you are working on. The organization that Rwanda Email List the design. The ecosystem, i.e. all stakeholders involved in one way or another. Think of: governments, management, owners/shareholders, employees, suppliers and of course the customers. This last part, the stakeholders, Rwanda Email List be properly mapped out. This can be done by distinguishing them in three circles.

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At the core : usually the customers, a specific Rwanda Email List , but it can also be others. In the next ring are the direct stakeholders : for example suppliers, distributors and interest groups. Finally, you place the indirect stakeholders in the outer circle : such as the government. You can also map Rwanda Email List how they relate to each other. This can be done in a matrix form of two by two. One axis shows the extent Rwanda Email List which they are in the design. The other axis shows how much power they have in the decision-making process.

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In the four categories that arise as a result, you can Rwanda Email List which stakeholders you need to pay a lot of attention to in order to be successful. By superimposing the two pictures (the circles and the matrix), you can visualize even better where and how to get. 2. Audit Now that you know the Rwanda Email List outline of the context, move on to gain even more insights. Map out all relevant factors through an audit . Only when you have done that and are therefore certain that your design serves the needs of the stakeholder – better than all Rwanda Email List designs – can

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