C. Joy Bell C. “As long as you believe in yourself, you will know how to live.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “The price tag you put on your soul will determine who and what you’re in.” Shannon L. Alder “If you can feel how important you are to the lives of the people you meet; how important you are to people you may never have dreamed of. Every time you meet someone, leave something of yourself behind. ”

Oprah Winfrey

Red Rogers “Any relationship that never considers your values ​​should not stay in your heart for too long. Know your values!” Terry Mark “A man’s dignity may be violated, destroyed, and cruelly mocked, but it will never be taken away business phone number uk unless it is surrendered.” Michael J. Fox “Know your worth and believe in it. Live accordingly. No one dares to let you down.”

Michel de Montaigne

Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha “Your problem is that you’re too busy insisting on your unworthiness.” Lambdas “Always remember that not only do you have a right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be an individual.” Eleanor Roosevelt “Our self-esteem tracks our choices. Every time we are in harmony with our true selves and our hearts, we earn respect. It’s that simple. Every choice counts.”

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