I myself have a Clubhouse account on my work phone, because I Mayotte Email List to test it for the article about this app . Because a friend of mine was curious about the app, when I didn’t have my work phone with me, I recently installed Clubhouse on my private phone. So that he could take a look. After Mayotte Email List I actually wanted to delete the account immediately. Then the search began. If you go to ‘Settings’ in your account at the top right, you will see the following screen. There is no option to cancel your account. Screenshot of Mayotte Email List account settings on Clubhouse.

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How do you delete your account? You should send an Mayotte Email List to the company asking if they want to delete your account. Yes, it is that cumbersome… For those who want Mayotte Email List  support alphabet plorationco  Then we have to wait and see, because it does not say anywhere how long this process can take. You can of course also choose to remove the app from your phone, but then your account will remain. So also your data. And since chances are you’ve shared your entire Mayotte Email List list with the app… Does this mean the end for Clubhouse?

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I do not think so. Just look at TikTok and Zoom (which of Mayotte Email List have tackled a few things). These messages may really put some users off. Do you want to continue using the app? Then think carefully about sharing your contacts andIn addition to the points discussed above, many more Mayotte Email List are questioned online. As, for example, by the American computer scientist Alex Stamos. He has discovered Mayotte Email List Chinese servers are being used for Clubhouse conversations where only Americans join. Why?

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