Production of a video is expensive. Fortunately, it is also possible Norway Email List photography. You can even tell a story with one well-chosen image. With one fantastic and large hero image , Heijmans , the Dutch police and KLM show how cool it is to work in construction, with the police and Norway Email List aviation. Example from Heijmans. Are you a maker? Strengthen the team at Heijmans . Tell future colleagues Norway Email List colleagues are important to us all. Of course your future boss will tell you that the job is great.

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But you really want to hear about it from the people who Norway Email List work there. Then you want a real story about the work, what’s great about it and actually also where the challenges lie. Moreover, you want to see real colleagues with pleasure, ambitions and hobbies. And a Norway Email List diversity, please. A good career at work uses employees as unique selling points . Example from Deloitte. Selfies of Norway Email List at Deloitte . We find stories from employees, for example at asr ‘this is our personal story’.

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Actual Indoors As Well As Outdoors

VanHaren ‘real people with real stories’ . We also see Norway Email List in which colleagues talk about the work, such as at the Fire Brigade . Pictures of outings and parties seem to belong to the work-bee. Happiness is of course part of the story. Sometimes all that hands-in-air-for-the-photo feels forced, Norway Email List not quite real. At WE, they take it over the top with a wrong gif, which makes it fun again. A gif on the Norway Email List bee of WE. Happy employees at WE . Humour

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