Perhaps the best-known forms of synthetic media are Japan Email List voices and faces. Having your commercial recorded by ‘Lionel Messi’ or ‘Lady Gaga’ is not inconceivable thanks to deepfake technology. A great opportunity for companies, but also for artists, athletes and other famous people. Because Japan Email List will soon be able to earn their living by making their appearance or voice available. In theory, a body Japan Email List could do almost all the work. The rest is a touch of cinematic magic. All these possibilities really push us to the limits of our creativity.

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How far are we with synthetic media? What the average Japan Email List and communication specialist can do with voice cloning software? Quite a few things are already possible. For example, you can have your voice cloned with the ‘Descript’ tool. Handy if you slip your mouth while Japan Email List a video, for example. Do you say ‘fifty’ instead of ‘fifteen? In Descript all spoken words are converted into text. A simple text change results in the correct number being heard in the video. In a next stage, but we are not there yet, Japan Email List can also adjust the mouth movement.


Japan Email List

A Wedding Photographer

Jarno has also cloned his own voice. You will Japan Email List hear the result during Content Conference. And so there are many more applications to consider, such as brushing away objects in photos and in videos. Digital avatars can answer frequently asked questions or play a role in an Japan Email List video in the future. “All these developments will make my and your work a lot easier. People who are not used to thinking and acting creatively will also receive many more creative tools and thoughts in the near future,” says Jarno, who has Japan Email List also had an avatar made of himself.

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