Regular sustainable brands have it relatively easy in that Czech Republic Phone Number List sense. They offer a sustainable product or service, the consumer buys consciously and then sits back satisfied. For circular brands, the challenge goes a lot further, after all, you ask more from people than just buying a sustainable product. As a brand you will have to be and remain top of mind and involved Czech Republic Phone Number List during the entire circle of repair, resale, recycle and repeat. The chances Anyone who puts a circular product on the market is not just a change maker that we so badly need to keep the world a little bit more beautiful. You also have a very strong sustainable story. In branding and communication you are the brand that really sets the course for change.

Goes Wrong Right At

You embrace the principle of circular thinking and acting and join the Czech Republic Phone Number List big wave that is already in motion. And that you can make even higher together with your customers. You have the opportunity to make this big story relevant and accessible from the context of your product. And because customers continue to play an important role after purchase, you Czech Republic Phone Number List have a good reason to approach them at regular intervals. “With this product you really contribute to the preservation of this world. What you have purchased has value, so never throw a circular product in the trash. You can always have a product repaired. If you return used items that are still in good condition, you will receive a small reward.

The Beginning

Czech Republic Phone Number List

You can return a product that has been used up here, in Czech Republic Phone Number List your area.  Also read: Contribute to a fair & clean world? Time for the marketing cleanup! This spot on contact moments, wouldn’t an average clothing brand, carpet dealer or lamp store be happy with that? Circular cases Every decision Mud Jeans makes is based on the circular economy. From the design Czech Republic Phone Number List of her jeans to taking in old jeans to recycle. With the ultimate goal: a world without waste. As early as 2013, the Dutch fashion brand introduced the groundbreaking ‘Lease a Jeans’ concept , whereby everyone can lease sustainable jeans for a fixed, low amount per month and return them after use. Mud Jeans has saved 12,000 jeans from the waste mountain

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