Don’t overreact, make bad decisions, or say the wrong thing in moments of anger, overwhelm, or confusion. I’m sure you – just like me – have been in this situation many times. So this week I want to share 17 habits and strategies that have helped me stay calm and move on. 1. Breathe. This is almost always the first step for me. Just take a few deep breaths, concentrate on them, and calm yourself down a bit. If you have time in the situation you are in, then I suggest you sit down and do it for 1-2 minutes.

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Focus only on the air that comes in and out slowly, nothing else. 2. Then think about the consequences. If you’re in a situation where you need to reply to what someone just said, after you take a deep breath, consider the consequences if you answer too Nigeria WhatsApp Number List strongly or if you back off rather than stand your ground calmly. If you have an email or phone message you need to reply to, consider taking extra time to calm down—anytime between 10 minutes and the next day—to get yourself into the right headroom before replying.

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3. Remember: it’s not always about you. If someone is attacking you in a conversation or via email or phone, then remind yourself that it may not even be about you. He might be overreacting or overreacting because he had a bad day with a sick kid, or just a lot of things went wrong. Or she might lash out because she’s unhappy with her job, her marriage, or hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in a while. This reminder helped me not take everything too personal, think for a minute and calm down, instead of reacting and escalating the situation.

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