Gucci shoes, chicken nuggets, chips and beer. They Suriname Email List be ingredients for a step evening of how we still know it before corona. They are all products of which a Non Fungible Token (NFT) is made. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at the latest advancements in NFTs and how to Suriname Email List your own. It’s not just a few innovative creatives who have launched an NFT. Celebrities such as Snoop Suriname Email List , Paris Hilton and Edward Snowden , and companies such as McDonald’s , Pringles and Lego are also stepping in.

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There are more than 3 million items for sale at the Suriname Email List of writing and sales increased 2882% worldwide in the past two months. The marketplaces where you Suriname Email List create an NFT have sprung up like virtual mushrooms, raising more than $750 million in investments in the past quarter. All wonderful developments, but I do see 4 bottlenecks. 1. Tragedy of the commons The Suriname Email List who came up with the original idea of ​​NFTs in 2014 did so with an ideology that technology should give artists control over their own work. This would make it easier to sell and they can protect their work against abuse by others.

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In my view, this is still the basic principle why Suriname Email List creatives put their work on the blockchain, with an NFT. That’s why I think it’s really cool to see how DJs like Don Diablo are now making money through NFTs by selling a unique song . Or how Nigerian artists can suddenly serve a Suriname Email List market . But things like beer or the sound of a fart don’t give the concept a good name in my opinion. Not to Suriname Email List the red pixel, which is currently on offer for $900,000 .

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