Check location and reservations As mentioned before, you may be Sri-Lanka Phone Number List able to cancel the reserved location in time if you do not want the event to take place. Do you want the event to take place at the same location, but at a later time? Then discuss as soon as possible Sri-Lanka Phone Number List which data suits you, the location itself and other stakeholders. Preferably, you also communicate the new date immediately with your decision to postpone. That’s two birds with one stone .

Their Problems

But of course you first have to know whether the most important Sri-Lanka Phone Number List people for your event can. I will come back to this at point 7. Is another date at the reserved location not possible or do you want a different place? Then it is smart to immediately look around you for other locations. Realize that you’re getting yourself even more work done with this. Make an overview of all agreements you have made about reservations. Have (air) tickets been booked, hotels, restaurants, do you have agreements with the catering or other facilities, are you already involved with entertainment?

Concerns Doubts

Sri-Lanka Phone Number List

If you list this, you will quickly have a picture of where the first Sri-Lanka Phone Number List actions are required if you cancel or oppose and what the consequences are. 6. Making the decision There is a bit of a panic mood around the coronavirus at a rapid pace. I can’t deny that this affects me too. And suddenly it seems as if I get more hints: international events in our country are being rescheduled. Our congress is not international, but the corona virus will affect the visit to the trade fair and our congress. The trade fair organizer already confirmed this last week. Moreover, you know that visitors can easily skip a free event. We don’t want to run that risk.

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