Now was the time to test which channels, means, Ecuador Email List and ways work for a theater. Instead of offline towards online. Now for Christmas, but with the further programming Ecuador Email List associated promotion for the theater season 2021 and beyond in mind. Learnings for the future. From regional to national Theater is for many an outing, in that respect a luxury product. An evening at the theater is not complete without taking a seat in the red plush. To have a nice drink during the break or to organize a dinner in advance. If that Ecuador Email List no longer possible, do people still want to see theatre?

The Perfect ‘Spare Time’ Online

Wilminktheater and Muziekcentrum Enschede came up with the Ecuador Email List Thuis Box . A box with snacks and drinks to turn your own living room into a theater hall. To evoke that same feeling of a pleasant evening. The boxes were sold out in no time, so the need was certainly Ecuador Email List usually has a regional function. Now that everything is online, this suddenly becomes a national function. This requires a different approach when it comes to digital marketing. After all, you are dealing with a much broader target Ecuador Email List that has never heard of the theatre.

Ecuador Email List

From ‘Entrepreneur’ An In Depth Review

With the See Think Do Care model , a target group has been Ecuador Email List for each phase. The message remained the same ‘Christmas always comes’, but a different goal for each phase. From informing and enthusing (in the See and Think phase) to the purchase of the Theater Home Box and the Ecuador Email List in the Do phase. The Care phase must now show whether the new target group is permanently fascinated Ecuador Email List will also visit the theater (online) in the coming season.

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