Call around and involve them in your concerns and considerations . 4. Check South Africa Phone Number List finances and insurance This is all the more important when there are financial agreements in place. What are you going to (have to) turn upside down? Therefore, check contracts and agreements, also in terms of marketing and promotion. Is your event insured? Then check the police. What is South Africa Phone Number List insured. What is not? You may still be able to cancel the reserved location if you are well ahead of the date. No one has experience with an epidemic like the coronavirus, not even the insurance company.

Really Understand

You decide how you will reach them. Is it via a letter, by South Africa Phone Number List e-mail, with a newsletter, a telephone call or a combination of these? Determine what is possible and feasible. Is this a lot of work? Check internally with whom you can tackle this together. It has to be done quickly, but also carefully . 13. Customize Promotion and Marketing The moment we decided to postpone our congress, all kinds of images immediately flash through my head. I just set up ads on LinkedIn a few days before, we have a banner on some pages of the website, there is a landing page online and so on. I realize that I need to make a list as soon as possible so that I can get an overview. We also publish on external channels. You can read more about this in the next point.

Their Logic

South Africa Phone Number List

We get the room and coffee from the exhibition organizer. We pay South Africa Phone Number List for the technology and drinks ourselves. We hadn’t ordered anything yet. Around this it is mainly a matter of spending hours to organize. In that sense, we hardly suffer any loss if we cancel the event. But we don’t want this. Postponement is a bit more complicated for our project because we are in the final phase. Put this carefully next to each other, so that you can make an informed decision based on this (financial) information.

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