But I know that a good night’s sleep or a good workout can make a huge difference when I’m pessimistic and have a lot of tension inside. And I know how simple it is to think clearly and optimistically when my stomach is not empty. So I highly recommend being careful with these basic habits that sound boring. Because they do have a huge impact, depending on how you manage them.

Eat well and sleep well.

8. Learn to accept criticism in a healthy way. One of the most common fears is the fear of criticism. It can stop people from doing what they want in life. Because negativity comes out of someone’s mouth or email, and it’s about you, it can hurt. Being rejected Dubai Business Fax List can sting a lot. But if you want to act on what your heart desires, criticism is almost inevitable. So the key is learning to deal with it in a healthier way.

Exercise regularly

By doing this, your fear of it will be lessened, and it will hurt less if you are criticized. When I’m criticized, I usually use four steps. Maybe they can help you too: Step 1: Don’t reply right away. When you’re angry, upset, or provoked, it’s time to calm down and respond. Take at least a few deep breaths or take a moment to process the information before replying. Step 2: Really listen to criticism.

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