Why don’t customers follow the rules? Strangely enough, the Ecuador Phone Number List answer is the same as the question why people buy a ticket. Of course, rationally, the odds of winning a top prize are less than 1 in 5 million (or 0.00002%). But still, many people buy a lottery ticket because everyone thinks they are different from the rest. That he/she is the exception, with a higher Ecuador Phone Number List probability. That is why almost everyone thinks that the chance that he has corona is almost zero. In other words: he can afford to break the rules for a while. Most importantly: basic measures Behavioral psychologist BJ Fogg knows how to formulate it perfectly. Behavior comes down to a combination of Ability and Motivation .

For A Change Plan

Fogg Behavior Model. The best way to prevent unwanted Ecuador Phone Number List behavior is to make it practically impossible ( ability ). That’s why bumps on road straights work so well. Of course, you can drive over it with Mach 6. But you’ll probably change your mind after Ecuador Phone Number List you’ve got your head in the roof. That’s why some solutions are already so smart. Do you want to limit the number of people in the store? Then require everyone to use a shopping cart , and limit the number of shopping carts. Or indicate with stripes on the ground what someone should wait behind to keep 1.5 meters away.

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Ecuador Phone Number List

You can now clearly see the latter in the queues in front Ecuador Phone Number List of the shops. Also read: Behavioral sciences & communication about corona: interesting tips and insights Making the basic measures even more effective When you have turned the ability knob to the maximum, the motivation knob remains. An important insight here is that the following advice is not a Ecuador Phone Number List panacea. Psychology and neuromarketing is very strong at making something that is good even better. So don’t expect a 200% effect. Expect an increase of 20 to 30% better behavior rather than without applying the following insights. In this case, it means just a little more people who adhere to the rules and prevent contamination. Of course, that is always better than not using these behavioral insights.

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