The line-headquarters structure includes specialized units (headquarters) that do not have the right to make decisions and manage any subordinate units, but only help the relevant leader in performing certain functions, primarily the functions of strategic planning and analysis. Otherwise, this structure corresponds to a linear one. Marketing notes. Line-headquarters structure Advantages of a linear – staff structure:

The advantages of a linear structure

deeper than in a linear one, study of strategic issues; some unloading of top managers; the possibility of attracting external consultants and experts; in empowering headquarters units with functional leadership, such a structure is a good first step Direct Mail Mortgage Marketing towards more effective organic management structures. Disadvantages of a linear – staff structure: insufficiently clear distribution of responsibility,

Disadvantages of a linear structure

since the persons preparing the decision do not participate in its implementation; tendencies towards excessive centralization of management; similar to a linear structure, partially – in a weakened form. Output:a linear – staff structure can be a good intermediate step in the transition from a linear structure to a more efficient one. The structure allows, although to a limited extent, to embody the ideas of the modern philosophy of quality.

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