Tim Hofman encourages his followers on Instagram to follow the Ghana Phone Number List measures 3. Advice for communication towards the optimists who say ‘it’s all going to be okay’ There will always be people who resist the measures. Or who do not take the measures so seriously. For example, because these people are unrealistically optimistic about their own risks and the future (“the flu is much worse”, “I am perfectly healthy”). For people who are unrealistically optimistic. It can help to provide very concrete figures about the risks and consequences of not following the guidelines.

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This is difficult in the case of the coronavirus, because some Ghana Phone Number List onsequences. Are difficult to estimate. In addition, it may help to make these people think about the people and things they find most important in life . This can lead to people taking the information about health risks and measures more seriously . 4. Advice for people who share incorrect information / fake news Ghana Phone Number List about the coronavirus (too) quickly The spread of fake news surrounding the coronavirus is another issue. In the past two weeks, I received news items in various group conversations in WhatsApp about ” that the coronavirus is spreading less quickly in warm countries” (this was a group conversation with fellow backpackers when I was in warm Colombia.

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And that you can “ wash away the virus by drinking water” . One problem Ghana Phone Number List is that people in their emotion quickly forward this news. Fake news spread via WhatsApp is debunked by the BBC. To combat this, it is important that experts debunk the fake news as soon as possible . The news media also play an important role in this. What can you do about the spread of fake Ghana Phone Number List news about corona? We can also take certain actions to ensure that people are less likely to share fake news themselves . For example, we can ask readers (for example by means of a pop-up) to think about the accuracy of information first. ‘ Inoculation’ is also a potentially interesting technique to make people more critical of potential fake news, as this study suggests, among others .

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