This can be very subtle. You just move around in your daily life as usual. Hang out with the same people. Listen to the same podcasts or radio shows, watch the same old TV shows or Youtube videos, and read the usual blogs, books and magazines. But what effect do these things have on your mind and the limits you set for yourself and what you feel you deserve in life? How to do: List the 5 people you hang out with most during the week and the 5 media sources you spend the most time with.

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Then ask yourself this question for each of these 10 things/people: is this dragging me down or lifting me up in life? Consider spending less time with people who are holding you down (or moving forward and eliminating them altogether) and spending indian whatsapp number database more time with people who cheer you up, make you feel good, motivated, etc. and resources. If you’re having trouble getting started with this, then zoom out. Take a few minutes to think about the person or source that has had the greatest negative impact on you.

Little Habits That Will Steal Your Happiness
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Take things too seriously.

And how to start spending less time with it/him/her this week. 2. Wait for the right moment. When you have a dream, it’s easy to get lost in planning how to make it happen. Adrift in a daydream, not knowing what to expect. But also mired in fear of failure. So you make a common choice and wait — wait and wait for years — until the right time to take action and start making the dream a reality. How to do: Of course, not every dream is something you can start right now. But there are many you can use.

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