So think carefully about what you let into your mind. For example, you can ask yourself: Who are the three most negative people I spend time with? What are the 3 most negative sources of information I spend time on? Consider the answer. Then think about how this week can begin to reduce your time with one of these people or sources of information. And how to spend more of the time you free up now with one of the most positive resources or people in your life.

Start the day on a positive note.

3. Take your time. I find that when I’m walking too fast, when I’m trying to think, talk, eat, and move around quickly in my world, things don’t go well. Pressure builds up. Negative thoughts about anything started popping up and I felt like my own Belgium Business Fax List personal power was waning. But if I just slowed down for a few minutes—even if I had to force it by walking slowly, talking, and eating—then my mind and body would calm down. It’s easier to rethink things clearly, and it’s easier to find optimistic and constructive perspectives.

Improve your self-esteem.

4. Don’t turn mole hills into mountains. It’s easy to lose sight, especially when you’re stressed out and you’re walking too fast. So Mole Mountain becomes a big, scary mountain in your mind. A simple three-step approach to dealing with these situations so as not to get out of control is: Say stop. In your head, yell “Stop!” or “No, we’re not going that way again!” as soon as the thought starts spinning in your head. breathe. After you interrupt these thoughts by calling stop, sit down and remain still.

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