A handy tool to use for this is VidIQ. This tool allows you to see Burkina Faso Email List ‘ tags and use them for your own videos. If you do this, chances are your video will be recommended as the ‘next’ video. Or you discover tags that your competitors may not yet use to rank higher in YouTube. Bonus tip: use longer, specific keyword Burkina Faso Email List to increase your visibility. Video Tags Tip #6. Add a script A much forgotten optimization for YouTube SEO is adding a transcript. You know, the well-known YouTube video captioning . Burkina Faso Email List are often full of errors because of blind reliance on YouTube’s automated translations. Fortunately, you can also adjust this yourself.

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It is worth adding a script yourself or adjusting YouTube’s automated caption yourself. You can do this in YouTube Studio. The modified scripts ensure that YouTube understands your video better and includes this in the ranking. Tip #7. Create an attractive thumbnail A thumbnail says Burkina Faso Email List than 1000 words. The thumbnail is the first thing a searcher’s brain scans, because visual utterances are absorbed faster than textual utterances. So create a thumbnail that stands out! Within YouTube you can choose to use an excerpt from your video as a thumbnail or to add a thumbnail of your own. I recommend doing the latter, because an automated Burkina Faso Email List is just a random shot from the video.

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To stand out, you need to use a unique, eye-catching Burkina Faso Email List that encourages people to click. Dylan Haegens, for example, uses striking thumbnails. Don’t have the skills to make a thumbnail yourself? Then you can use professional templates in Canva . Tip #8. Backlinks with Burkina Faso Email List If you are familiar with backlinking, then you know how important backlinks are to your blog or website. Also with YouTube this is essential and can be an SEO boost for your video. Build links to your YouTube channel and Burkina Faso Email List not only to your videos, but also to your channel home page. To increase the number of backlinks you can take the following steps:

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