Taking responsibility goes further than just complying with Belgium Email Lists (think of the recent lawsuit between Shell and Milieudefensie ). Entrepreneurs are more aware of the mutual dependence between company and society. The collective is becoming increasingly important. We are seeing an increase in Belgium Email Lists number of social enterprises and b-corps certified companies. These kinds of organizations put their social mission first. Existing corporates also embrace this vision and express it in their purpose. Less bad is not good Belgium Email Lists , it is really about the positive impact. 3. Cities must become more sustainable for quality of life In 2050 the world population will be ten billion people.

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Two thirds will then live in urban areas, which will have to Belgium Email Lists for the consequences of climate change. Sustainability is essential to improve the quality of life in cities. Number 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations gives substance to this. This sets new Belgium Email Lists for mobility, housing, recreation, nature conservation, energy and food supply. You can already see that cities are competing with each other who will be the first to be climate neutral or circular. For example, the municipality of Belgium Email Lists recently announced that it will ban advertising from fossil companies in the metro. Residents are encouraged to live more sustainably.

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For example, we see initiatives such as tile seesaws , green Belgium Email Lists and urban farming. Companies are cleverly responding to this, for example Dopper and Swapfiets are jointly promoting liveable cities. In doing so, they encourage consumers to think about their consumption behavior and Belgium Email Lists a better future.Making the world more sustainable 4. Design for longevity: from fast to slow Consumers, producers and designers are wondering: how can we keep using our stuff for longer? An important example of this trend is what we see happening in the fashion and clothing industry. The clothing industry alone emits more CO2 than Belgium Email Lists aviation and sea transport combined. You must be scared of that. But just think: every season several collections are and the clothing is extremely low prices.

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