Because these myths you might have drawn from movies, songs, and what the world or Instagram highlights tell you will collide with reality and tend to: Causes a lot of stress and pain to you and those around you. Puts you into procrastination because you are afraid of being. Disappointed again or letting someone else down. Harm or may cause you to end a relationship, job, project, etc. because your expectations are out of this world.

If your expectations are perfect, adjust them.

Having this reminder at the forefront of my mind—sometimes on a piece of paper—has definitely helped me adjust my expectations and reduce my own canadian email address pain and disappointment. 8. Take a break (and find other ways to lower your stress levels along the way). Merely focusing on your goals and working toward them all the time can cause unnecessary stress and make you lose your perspective.

Talk to someone close to you.

Sometimes you just need a break to overcome disappointment. So take a moment to take a break, recharge and have some fun. After you take this time away from your goals and dreams, you may be in a better place to accept and learn from what happened, and then move forward again. While you’re in this clearer place, also take a moment to see how you plan to achieve a better balance between work and time off.

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