Did you know that the Google Chrome browser has built-in Mongolia Ema il Listcapabilities? The open-source tool Lighthouse can be used on every possible website. Lighthouse therefore makes it possible to perform an on-page audit directly without external parties or software. Websites are checked for speed, accessibility, SEO and general improvements. The website is given a score on each domain, from 0 to 100. The Mongolia Ema il List can be performed separately for the desktop and mobile versions of sites. You can use Lighthouse in different ways. The easiest way is to ‘inspect’ the page by right clicking on a page and then clicking ‘inspect’. Shortcut lovers Mongolia Ema il List Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + C to open the page inspector.

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After this, the menu below will open, where the option Mongolia Ema il Listcan be in the row with ‘Elements’ and ‘Console’. Pro tip: install the Lighthouse plugin for Chrome to perform website audits even easier. Screenshot of Google Chrome’s Lighthouse SEO tool. 4. GTMetrix Since the Mongolia Email List the powerful Lighthouse has been the driving force behind GTMetrix , a tool for measuring the speed at which your website loads. The big difference in reporting before and after this change is in the Mongolia Ema il Listof GTMetrix.

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The tool now focuses via Lighthouse on the Mongolia Ema il Listtime for users and the performance of the website. Previously this was only loading time for users. As with Lighthouse, GTMetrix not only locates problems, but also provides solutions. Ideal for handy web developers who get themselves. But also as a client you get a better picture of the possibilities. GTMetrix is ​​free to use. Users who have Mongolia Ema il Lista free account have more options than the anonymous users. By default, the location is Vancouver, Canada. When you are in, it is possible to change the location where the test is to include London, San Mongolia Ema il List, Hong Kong and Sydney. Paying users have more location options

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