In a pitch it is usually more interesting to look back and reflect Qatar Phone Number List Qatar Phone Number Lis ton the results achieved. Sometimes you choose to pitch a vision for the future. Usually pitches about concrete projects are the most interesting. You can then reflect from your own experience and share lessons learned, without it being pedantic. Such a pitch can be a good starting point for research into a broader applicability of your insights, and inspiration to investigate this further together. You can overshoot your target by already naming a plethora of applications in your pitch. Also avoid telling generically ‘how it is’, as a professor would do.

By Experience

People can ‘consume’ this, but it often does not give rise to an Qatar Phone Number List open dialogue in which you explore new insights together. Also read: 5 simple tips to make your pitch very strong 4. Focus on one story Sometimes you want to share five projects or themes: it is very tempting to be complete. For a pitch, it usually works best to pick one item and focus on it. This gives you the Qatar Phone Number List opportunity to deepen it. And makes it easier for the audience to follow your story and tell it later. If you have limited time for your pitch, focus also helps. When practicing your pitch, do you notice that you have to speak very fast to keep it on time?

If I’ve Learned

Qatar Phone Number List

Do yourself a favor and bring more focus to your story. If you have Qatar Phone Number List a clear focus, you also have enough time to tell your story calmly. And the audience then gets the opportunity to let the story sink in. 5. Connect with your audience Start your pitch by making contact with the audience. This can be with a joke, a news item or a question. This ‘making contact’ can happen in a Qatar Phone Number List matter of seconds. Suppose you trip over the cord and you look into the room with a crooked smile, then you already have contact. In short, try to keep this contact moment small and close to yourself. Some people start their pitch by addressing the audience in your form, this also works very effectively.

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