Ni Kuang traveled far, and fans of Hong Kong and Taiwan sighed in unison. Many middle-aged and middle-aged people moved out of Ni Kuang’s Kazakhstan Phone Number books, which were dusty at the bottom of the bookcase, to take pictures.

They recognized Ni Kuang’s sci-fi, martial arts, and strange plots as good memories of childhood and adolescence. The media and writers also wrote articles in memory of Ni Kuang, or briefly described his life and deeds, or commended his influence and contributions, or described his personality, likes and dislikes, and there were few negative comments.

Jin Yong and Ni Kuang

Many people compare Ni Kuang with Jin Yong. When Jin Yong passed away, Ni Kuang had a lot of controversy during his lifetime, but after returning from the crane, he only heard praise.

In terms of the influence of his works, Ni Kuang is far inferior to Jin Yong. Jin Yong’s works have been constantly remade into TV series in recent years, but most of the young generation are quite unfamiliar with Ni Kuang’s works; in terms of character, both Jin Yong and Ni Kuang’s private lives are quite It is wonderful, but Jin Yong was anti-communist first and then pro-communist. After Ni Kuang escaped from China, he was anti-communist all his life, and he was unswerving until his death, and was recognized by more people.

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The term “literature is equal” is too much praise for

most writers, but it is too underestimated for Ni Kuang. Who has produced hundreds of books and plays. Before the 1990s, benefiting from the rule of law by the British colonial government, Hong Kong became a beacon for the Chinese-language world. Hong Kong popular writers such as Ni Kuang, Jin Yong, Yi Shu, and. Liang Yusheng competed with each other, and their imagination and persistence were admirable.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, although Taiwan was still in the era of martial law. The awareness of freedom of speech was flourishing. Hong Kong music, movies, TV dramas, and popular novels entered Taiwan in large numbers. Many words by reading the works of popular novelists in Hong Kong. Ni Kuang’s science fiction works are the enlightenment works of science fiction for many people.

However, after Ni Kuang’s “Soul Returns to the Alien”. Many writers and critics couldn’t help but eloquently speak in the atmosphere of “the dead are the greatest”. Ni Kuang is not a pure novelist. He is also a screenwriter, critic and show host. His novel creation is also quite broad. In addition to the most well-known science fiction novels. He has also written martial arts novels, supernatural novels, detective novels, and erotic novels.

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