Suppose a subject is highly valued and to. Austria Email List by the visitors. See if this topic can be further in additional articles. It may deserve a place as Austria Email List content on your site. improve SEO Content is viewed, shared for a long time. it is to your offer. But the position in Google is not that strong yet there are few visitors compared to other articles. Then invest in SEO to Austria Email List higher in Google. Checking your call to action Could it be better or more attractive? Is there actually an appropriate call-to-action?

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You’d be surprised how often that CTA misses or can easily be Austria Email List more striking. Improve internal links If you can improve little in terms of content, refer very clearly to related articles that do perform well in terms of length of stay, shares and promotions. This way you ensure extra traffic to Austria Email List articles. Optimizing your second best content There are always pages and articles that fall just outside the group Austria Email List top-performing content, because they don’t score well enough in some respects, but they do in others.

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With a push, these can often become one of your best-Austria Email List content. In doing so, you can consider the same actions that will make your top-performing content even more effective. I often see that companies focus enormously or even exclusively on new content in a content strategy and Austria Email List . But as you can see, optimizing your (second) best performing content can also be a starting point for this. Austria Email List you have additional suggestions for the content sweetspot and its use? I’d love to read them in the comments!

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