The cost savings are commonly based on the wage difference between the Western world and offshore destinations. Other factors such as economies of scale and specialization could also have a considerable impact. Knowledge & Expertise Outsourcing gives you access to knowledge pools that you might not have inside your own company.

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Outsourcing also enables you to focus on your company’s core business and competences. Risk & Quality Control Outsourcing agreements can be structured in a way that the responsibility to produce a certain quantity/quality of output is placed Healthcare Lists at the outsourcing provider, thereby giving you a better way of managing risk. So-called Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Capacity Management Outsourcing gives you a tool to manage your output or production capacity in a flexible way. Staffing By using external resources, you can overcome possible shortages on the job market. The information technology industry. Despite the proven benefits of outsourcing – shown below – SMB managers still seem to be reluctant.

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