Using natural language processing, you build bots to answer – repetitive – questions from your customers (chatbots. This way you help your customers immediately, while your employees have more time to focus on things that real value. computer vision Use computer vision to improve your Armenia Email Lists and the shopping experience of your customers. For example. The technology searches for mentions of your products services. In video images and the shopping behavior of your customers while they are in the store. How they shop in your store, which products they evaluate but then put back, which products they put in their basket and then have them pay Armenia Email Lists a checkout and let them go outside (think of Amazon Go).

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This way you understand your customer better, so you can Armenia Email Lists him better. Cameras Amazon Go Store. Cameras and sensors in the ceiling of an Amazon Go store track the entire store visit and know exactly what customers are capturing, evaluating, returning and purchasing. Smart shopping cart Amazon Go. The smart shopping carts of an Amazon Go store detect the products in the cart. When the Armenia Email Lists leaves, everything is automatically settled by credit card or Amazon One. Dynamic Pricing Algorithms With dynamic pricing algorithms, you automatically adjust your pricing if, for example, demand increases or decreases or if your Armenia Email Lists adjusts its prices. By applying the principles of price elasticity in real time you will make more profit.

Armenia Email Lists

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Airlines have been using this principle for some time, Armenia Email Lists the potential. Is certainly just as great in sectors such as retail and e-commerce. Demand forecasting Demand forecasting predicts when customers will purchase a particular product. Based on their current buying behavior, past purchases. Relevant patterns in the market, etc., you can predict where and when you need to deploy marketing and Armenia Email Lists activities to achieve commercial objectives. 5. Start small, fine-tune and gradually expand You think your organization is not yet ready for AI-driven sales and marketing? I know you are. Even the smallest Armenia Email Lists of customer data – just your customers’ sales transactions, for example – is enough to start your first project.

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