What if, we ignored technology altogether and let our competition take pole position. To find out who may be a contender, simply. Reach for your copy of the Yellow Pages, they’re listed in alphabetical order! Your business has needs and demands like that of a child. You want it to grow into a mature sustainable entity. And with that sustainability, in the same way that an engine needs petrol to keep functioning, so does your business need energy and enthusiasm and innovation.


But these traits can only come from nurturing staff. And that takes time. Yet time is a commodity that we seem to have so little off, and that’s where technology comes into play. So many people, when they think about technology they think Bill Journalist Email List Gates and all things confusing. The reality is, that business owners haven’t got the time to investigate the tools that can make their lives more profitable. So what’s the answer? I have worked within and monitored.

As part of marketing, advertising should:

The technology industry from a position of a sales person and director for over 20 years and therefore I have a genuine affinity with the problems both parties have. It is not merely “poacher come gamekeeper”, it is more “absolute empathy”. As a businessman, I must use technology to coexist and compete in any industry, however, I must understand and use the technology in order to succeed as any other business, thereby, this places me in a unique position to help and advise other companies.

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