Output:the advantages of divisional structures outweigh their disadvantages only during periods of fairly stable existence; in an unstable environment, they risk repeating the fate of dinosaurs. With this structure, it is possible to embody most of the ideas of the modern philosophy of quality. Buy every thing from latest mailing database.

Brigade (cross-functional) management structure

At the same time, the end result (the efficiency and quality of the work of the organization as a whole). Buy email list from latest mailing database. That all services work to some extent to obtain it. Marketing notes. Linear organizational Diabetes Mailing List structure The advantages of a linear structure: a clear system of interconnections between functions and departments.

Organic or adaptive governance structures

A clear system of unity of command – one leader concentrates in his hands the management of the entire set of processes that have a common goal; clear responsibility; quick reaction of the executive departments to direct instructions from superiors. Disadvantages of a linear structure:lack of links dealing with strategic planning; in the work of managers at almost all levels.

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