You can forge a coalition in peacetime that can help in times Namibia Phone Number List of crisis. Of course you have to do everything yourself to start with. For, as the quoted Henry Ford already knew: You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do. Three Essential Reputation Lessons 1. The environment is in motion Due to social and technological changes, the pressure on Namibia Phone Number List companies is increasing. This demands speed and transparency from companies. Every citizen with a smartphone and WiFi can, in a few clicks, turn a small incident into world news .

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This requires dialogue and interaction. Simply sending and Namibia Phone Number List hiding is no longer enough. Building trust is crucial. You do this by building positive relationships with stakeholders. Be consistent, consistent with your promises, and make the right decisions Namibia Phone Number List when making decisions. By operating in this way you can keep the empowered masses satisfied. If you don’t, “their truth” will be on the first Google search results page about your business. 2. Integrity must be the beacon “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking,” is a quote from CS Lewis quoted here. It lets people know they can trust you blindly. That you not only say what you do, but also do what you say.

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The moral compass is important for an ethically operating Namibia Phone Number List company. This must be upheld not only by top management, but above all by middle management. The pillars are: Clear frameworks (based on values ​​and the mission) Attention to ethical Namibia Phone Number List behavior (on the agenda of meetings) The exemplary role of management The set of instruments, including, for example, an incentive system A whistleblower policy (whereby deviations are reported and action is taken) 3. Employees are the reputation Employees are the most important communication channel to the environment. They are also seen as more credible than management. Include this knowledge in your reputation management. You do this with these four steps: Make them aware of their risk detection

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