When it comes to IT outsourcing. Many of them share so-called “myth” beliefs which we would like to address as follows. Outsourcing Myths among SMBs Some of the deterrents mentioned before are only misconceptions. Some of the most common things an SMB manager will say when approached for offering offshore software services are: “WE ARE TOO SMALL TO OUTSOURCE” The real thing:

Slogans as the quintessence

It is very difficult to define the size of an organization that is ready to outsource. There are “virtual companies” that outsource all their development requirements and handle only marketing and branding. In short, if you can see a need Healthtrax Corporate Email for software development, you can outsource. “WE CANNOT OUTSOURCE OUR CORE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT” The real thing:

the company’s mission

Core product development can be outsourced and there are several success stories. However, it is absolutely essential to do a thorough background check on the vendor and ensure that the vendor has a good track record in protecting IP before outsourcing core product development. “WE DON’T AFFORD OUTSOURCING” The real thing: The underlying meaning of this statement again reflects the perceived difference in outsourcing core and non-core areas.

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