You put your questions together and you can continue. But Cayman Islands Phone Number List how do you deal with that when those moments are not just there? “It’s difficult,” says Nina. “You don’t want to ‘disturb’ someone for every question, but you have to.” And finding the right platform for your question is also difficult. Do you email for a small question? Or is WhatsApp more Cayman Islands Phone Number List convenient? Yet it is important to really make use of the offer, otherwise you will go swimming. Schedule fixed question moments Sanne notices that it helps her to have a scheduled video meeting every day. So there is always a moment to ask questions. Because you are in less contact with colleagues, fewer questions arise in you. That’s actually a shame! The solution: keep in touch with colleagues as much as possible.

Sometimes Cutbacks

Then just scheduled and less spontaneous. What can also help Cayman Islands Phone Number List is clearly agreeing through which channels you can best ask your questions. This can also differ per colleague. You may ask urgent questions via Google Hangouts and collect less urgent Cayman Islands Phone Number List questions for a video call at the end of the day. It’s about finding what works for you (and your colleagues). Being open about what works for you is important here. The situation is new to everyone and searching. Ultimately, you know best what helps you and it’s all about you and your learning process. So be clear (even if you don’t know) and take the initiative yourself!

Or Changing Laws

Cayman Islands Phone Number List

What you can do Have you just started somewhere and are Cayman Islands Phone Number List you looking for something that can help you quickly feel at home? Five tips in a row: Schedule regular contact moments on a daily basis so that you can collect questions and ask them during this moment. This way you don’t spend too long walking around with small questions and you progress. Also Cayman Islands Phone Number List alternate with whom you plan these moments, for example a different person every working day. That way you are in contact with various people anyway. Ask if there is a team meeting, for example a week opening or closing. In this way you get something of the atmosphere, roles and tasks of the team.

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