Last year was not an easy year for anyone. Not even Dubai Email List the theatre. The lockdown meant empty theaters and artists sitting at home. It also meant that online a whole world opened up for bringing content – ​​the performances – to the attention. Time for new channels, a new concept with a Dubai Email List content strategy and national promotion. Theater is content and content is theatre. But what if everything suddenly changes? The world comes to a standstill and you can no longer offer your content? What if you are no longer allowed to open, you are no longer allowed to welcome an audience in the theater? Then you change course with a new content Dubai Email List . In the broadest sense of the word!

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Photo of a theater hall. The halls remained empty in Dubai Email List Wilminktheater and Muziekcentrum Enschede. New ways to captivate and bind audiences I took up this challenge from online marketing agency Team Nijhuis. We were also lucky. Wilminktheater and Muziekcentrum Enschede is Dubai Email List in terms of content compared to other theaters. They not only have productions of various large producers on the shelves. They are a self-producing theater! This means that they make their own performances with their own ‘in-house artists’ and producers who are connected to the theater itself. This allows them, for example, to make regional theater in Dubai Email List . The theater creates completely new content.

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Simplifying Practices

That is very practical. It was easy to switch to Dubai Email List and a studio was built ‘in’ the theater. Theaters basically offer offline content , but have of course been handling things like ticket sales, performance information and teasers online for a long time! But offering completely online content, that is of course not the case. So turn it around! No longer drawing attention to each performance individually, but as a Dubai Email List concept. A total ‘coat rack’ on which all performances were hung within a period. In the summer months it went up and down, open, not at all, open, not at all. Time to shift focus. To Christmas, because… Christmas always comes! Online Dubai Email List for a new campaign. If the visitors are not allowed

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