People naturally like to decide for themselves what they do. We want to be Macedonia Email Lists . Who doesn’t like to decide for themselves whether to go for a walk on a beautiful sunny spring day than to have your phone start beeping because you have to go for a walk? In the first case, we choose the Macedonia Email Lists ourselves. According to the self-determination theory , this leads , this leads to a higher intrinsic motivation. The Ommetje app encourages you to walk, but does not impose it on you. And that is an important difference. Another Macedonia Email Lists that can make people feel like they’re self-determining is self-persuasion .

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By asking smart questions, you let people conclude for Macedonia Email Lists what they like about the good behavior. The Ommetje app does not ask you these questions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask yourself those questions! Tell: what does the Ommetje app do for you? 6. Missed a Macedonia Email Lists worry mate! Oops, no detour for a day. What now? Nothing wrong. Okay, you’ve lost your streak. But Mr. Scherder doesn’t speak harshly to you and you don’t lose any points. Punishment is an action after a certain behavior has occurred, with the idea that you want to reduce the chance that the behavior will happen again. Punishment is often Macedonia Email Lists at reducing or removing unwanted behavior.

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Behavioral scientist BF Skinner described two Macedonia Email Lists of punishment . Positive punishment involves offering something negative after the unwanted behavior has taken place. In that case Erik would admonish you if you haven’t walked for a day. In addition, you have negative Macedonia Email Lists , where you remove something positive after undesirable behavior has taken place. For example: you can’t watch that nice Netflix series because you didn’t take a walk today. While punishment can be effective, there Macedonia Email Lists at least as many examples showing that punishment doesn’t work – or at least not in the long run. According to behavioral science teacher

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