the principle of hierarchy of management levels, in which each lower. Level is controlled by a higher one and is subordinate to it; the principle of correspondence of powers and responsibilities of management employees to their place in the hierarchy, which follows from it; the principle of division of labor into separate functions and specialization of workers according to the functions performed;

The structure of the organization

the principle of formalization and standardization of activities. Ensuring the uniformity of the performance of. Their duties by employees and the coordination of various tasks. The principle of impersonal performance by employees of Dentist Email List their functions arising from it. The principle of qualification selection, in accordance. Out in strict accordance with qualification requirements.

consisting of working groups

The organizational structure, built in accordance with. The most common type of such a structure is linear – functional (linear structure). Principle of construction and specialization of the management process. According to the functional subsystems of the organization (marketing, production, research and development, finance, personnel, etc.).

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