Then this might be a good time to breathe new life into it. 3. Focus on Russia Phone Number List the identity of your organization We see that cultural institutions, in addition to promotion at event level, are increasingly making the switch to a corporate marketing strategy. That is to say: a long-term vision of the story of an organization. And the more personal it is, the more recognizable Russia Phone Number List you are as an institution for visitors (online and offline). Because a vision like: ‘We show the beauty of visual art’, could be about any art institution. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is a museum that reflects on its identity in a beautiful way. Or, in the words of director Deirdre Carasso. A house in a street in a city .” A statement that the museum has reinforced in recent years.

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For example , the museum was previously renamed a polling station Russia Phone Number List  plant. Holiday babysitter . Carasso herself planted her desk in the middle of the museum for the first few months. In order to hear all the visitors’ stories first hand. And with effect: in 2019 visitor numbers rose by 30% and the museum was named ‘Museum of the Year’. Behind the scenes Russia Phone Number List look At TivoliVredenburg. Where 500 concerts can now take place, regular communication is on hold. In the most recent newsletter it is therefore not about the upcoming concerts or the artists that have just been confirmed. Instead, the programmers give a behind-the-scenes look at concert cancellations, create Spotify playlists, or share beer bread recipes. With a subtle reference to the use of Bud lager, the main supplier of the beer at TivoliVredenburg. Part of the TivoliVredenburg newsletter.

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Part of the TivoliVredenburg newsletter The story of your own Russia Phone Number List organization and colleagues is what can add extra value to your communication. Especially if the cultural institution is a place that serves many different types of target groups. Establishing your corporate branding is something that takes time, but will make a difference in the long run. You build a Russia Phone Number List longer-lasting relationship with your visitors and followers. 4. A new role for the communications officer Suddenly communication is extremely important on several fronts. As a communication professional you have to inform, inspire and also be transparent. Previously, Joop Maas wrote on Frankwatching about the helpful attitude of communication departments,

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