Here it would be wrong to think that shorter duration of a video is Cameroon Email list by reduced attention to production quality. With millions of content creations, it is only possible to stand out with your message by paying more attention to your production value. Not only your message has to be in order. Your Cameroon Email list should visually grab attention and not let it go. Otherwise, your viewers will relentlessly click through to the next video. Also read: 10-step plan for a video strategy on your own platform Tip : determine the maximum length of Cameroon Email list content for yourself, and stick to it.

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That way you force yourself to look critically at your videos and Cameroon Email list anything that is uninteresting to viewers. We are live with video! YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram and other platforms all offer live streaming to your friends and followers. With minimal costs your phone Cameroon Email list possibly your data bundle you can tell your story. But ‘live’ does not mean ‘unscripted’ in the case of cleverly designed streams. You can also prepare your live broadcast very punctually and make it professional. If you want to Cameroon Email list a distinction as a in your live streams. Treat your streams like a professional webinar

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In which you leave almost nothing to chance and your Cameroon Email list sets the standard that you want to radiate as a company. No shaky phone camera with a finger in the picture, but razor-sharp visuals with silent audio. As a company you want to be associated with that. Even, or especially, in a live Cameroon Email list where mediocrity is often the norm. Take CrossFit, for example, one of the fastest growing sports brands (and sports) in recent years. They recently produced a livestream around one of their events, which attracted more than Cameroon Email list a million viewers in half a day.

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