This is a great way to build a more positive relationship. 8. Hug. It’s a small thing, but physical intimacy reduces stress and makes us feel good. So spend 2 minutes a day cuddling. Like compliments, it can be an easy way to build warmer, more positive relationships with all kinds of people in your life. Use your common sense before you start hugging. 9. Be interested rather than interesting. As the conversation begins or breaks the ice, take two minutes to ask one or a few questions about the person you’re talking to and their life. Be careful, don’t wait for your turn to speak.

Bonustip: Remember to pay as soon as possible.

The interest you give is likely to be rewarded, and you can start not only a good conversation, but a relationship of giving and fulfillment for both of you, whatever it may be. 10. Mix things up. Try the opposite… If you always eat meat, eat vegetarian food. Stay away from stupid conflict instead get a chinese mobile number of making it worse. If you are constantly attached to something, let it go. If you often say “no” and stick to your routine, say “yes” to spontaneous things. Take 2 minutes or less on a common or negative situation in your life today, stop for a brief thought, and make a decision that you don’t usually see.

Open your senses to feel what is happening right now.
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Bring positive energy.

Get in the habit of mixing things up for more fun. Grow your life in small or big ways. Add unexpected experiences. Makes it easier and easier to step out of your comfort zone when you really need it. And feel alive. One of the best ways to make your own life happier is to cheer others up and make their lives happier. why? You just see it. You’ll also feel happier when family members, friends, or colleagues have joy on their faces. You have done a good deed.

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